We introduce a commitment to high-precision steel of Akiyama Seiko.

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Step Up to the excellent performance


ASK try to innovate the process and introduce the new method to pursue the high-precision steel with our best.

Narrow tolerance at Outer dia of the CG Bar

ASK support customers for the narrow tolerance bar by our continuous techology and originality for our long history.

Actual Data : Dia19.00 CG Bar tolerance:+0/-0.004mm

High straightness shaft Bar

The straightness level is important quality at the shaft steel bar.

ASK try to improve the straightness at the shaft steel bar.

Reduce the internal stress in the steel

After the cold drawn process, the internal stress remains in the steel,
the quality at finished parts after the turning or heat-treatment is affected by this internal stress.

ASK has established the technology how to reduce this internal stress in the steel,
We have a favorable comment from customers they used this steel.

Narrow tolerance at Outer dia of centerless grind bar for Non-ferrous metal

ASK produce the narrow tolerance centerless grind bar of Resin, Brass and Aluminum