We introduce Akiyama Seiko of free-cutting stainless steel.

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Free-cutting stainless steel

One of the properties at Stainless steel is the excellent corrosion resistance, but the machinability is inefficient by the larger viscosity and the lower thermal conductivity.
ASK products is added the appropriate free cutting elements to improve the machinability drastically and could be made the precision turning parts.

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Austenitec High-strength stainless steel

ASK-8000 is made of stainless steel which has a high strength material at the bar materials,
also have high corrosion resistance.You can omit the quenching and Ni-plating, etc.
After the machining process, you can reduce the total production cost, including the cycle time.

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Austenitec stainless steel

It is a stainless steel having represented by SUS304, they have the best corrosion resistance and non-magnetic.
It is well-known the austenitic stainless is difficult to turn in the group of stainless steel.
To add the amount of the S · Pb · Te, etc., it is possible to improve the machinability,
ASK Stainless steel makes it easy to turn the precision parts than base steel.

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Ferritic Stainless steel

It is a stainless steel represented by SUS430, they have good corrosion resistance.
Corrosion resistance of them is nearly equal to SUS303,
and the machinability of them is same as the S10C free-cutting steel,
ASK support the ASK-3200 and the like to all customers widely used for the electromagnetic components.

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Martensitic stainless steel

It is a stainless steel represented by SUS410, SUS420J2, hardening is possible.
SUS 410 series has excellent machinability, there are many applications to be used without hardening.
In addition, the SUS420J2 series is used for the parts that need wear resistance is required by hardening.

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